At KTH, we produce the most important components of some of the world’s best automobiles, so we do not take quality lightly. In fact, we’ve enhanced the Japanese and American concept of Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) in ways that set us apart from most other companies. We apply Total Productive Management to every facet of our company, creating a culture of continuous improvement that touches every process, every department, and every associate.

While the Quality Department is ultimately responsible for ensuring stringent conformance to specifications, every KTH associate is involved in enhancing quality, improving performance and solving problems on a daily basis. Many of our associates volunteer for our Associate Circle Program, which tackles larger-scale improvements in safety and efficiency across the company.

A commitment to TPM, our culture of continuous improvement, and as a registered Quality Management System, provides the foundation needed for KTH to exceed our customers’ expectations.




  • Based on the solid data created in the product design phase, quality is guaranteed digitally (virtually) before actual machining, utilizing various simulation technologies.
  • Products fulfilling the Quality, Cost, and Delivery are manufactured by guaranteeing the precision of the steel stamping die and comparing the produced product with the simulation data.

Throughout each production process, Quality Department associates collect data to verify process accuracy. The Datamyte system produces data which is sent to our customers to confirm that our parts meet accuracy standards.