Scope of Production

High Quality, Reasonable Cost, Convenient Delivery

KTH’s continuous improvements to automotive parts production focuses on:

  • Quality – beyond expectation
  • Cost – reasonable and competitive
  • Delivery – convenient and worldwide

These three factors are the source of competing power that our clients appreciate and deserve.

By installing fast, high-functional and high-pressure presses, KTH is able to provide extra-high strength material sheets, as well as a greater diversification and higher complexity of processing shapes.

KTH is able to efficiently produce multiple product configurations, synchronized with our clients’ needs, in a single line without any waste. Because we are able to construct general-purpose lines while matching an individual product’s characteristics, the results are customized, high-quality automotive parts created at a reasonable cost to our customers.



At the beginning of each shift, the KTH Group receives delivery of the raw materials it will use that day from our trusted suppliers. By purchasing only what we need to meet demand, we can keep materials and storage costs to the bare minimum. Each part begins with a coiled roll of material. The special width rolls are developed to maximize utilization and minimize waste.

scopeof-production2Blank Processing

Raw material is transferred to the blanking presses where it is cut into the outlines for the parts we make each day.

scopeof-production3Stamping Process

Blanks are formed into the 3 Dimensional part’s shape. Many times, several stages are required to get to the final formation. KTH utilizes progressive and transfer dies to accomplish this.

scopeof-production4In-Process Inventory

After the parts are formed, they wait to be delivered to the weld lines where they will be assembled with other stampings to form the final product.

scopeof-production5Assembly Line Process

Stamped and formed parts arrive at the Assembly Cell where they are spot welded, MIG welded, joined by SPRs or adhesives. Robotic automation handles the part transfer and joining locations.

scopeof-production6Quality – Inspection

Each part is visually inspected at multiple points throughout production. KTH follows stringent guidelines to pull parts off the production line and also performs detailed inspections to determine any part variations and correct any deviations.


Our customers require Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery. KTH has a fleet of trucks to transfer and deliver parts to our customers.