The KTH Group manufactures high-quality automotive parts starting with the raw material to the blanking, laser welding, stamping, spot welding and delivery to our customers – just in time for their assembly.

Image_Stamping1Production begins in the Stamping Department when coils of sheet material arrive on the dock. Depending on the process required to make the parts, the material is either cut into blanks, to make the shape more closely represent the part, or the entire coil is moved to the stamping press.  The material is then punched, bent, formed, drawn, and trimmed into the desired shape. Stamped parts are compared with the forming simulation analysis and the products’ designs to validate the parts’ quality.

Image_Stamping2Types of Stamping:

  1. Blanking – rough shape taken from coil material.
  2. Trim Form – larger parts that require edges to be trimmed.
  3. Progressivedies with many operations, typically used for small parts.
  4. Transfer systems that move the blanks from one die station to another

Types of Dies:

  1. Compound die-blanks and perforates a part at the same time in the same station. They commonly run as single-hit dies.
  2. Progressive die-provides an effective way to convert raw coil stock into a finished product with minimal handling.

Image_Stamping3To ensure the parts’ quality, from raw material all the way to final components, inspectors are positioned at every press to thoroughly check each part before it advances to the next stage in the process.

Image_Stamping4KTH has a die maintenance department that maintains, repairs, and modifies our dies.