Main responsible party of general Finite Element Analysis for part development and confirmation of part formability. Support process definition and apply to confirmation. Compile material specifications from physical analysis for digital simulation. Set up and execution of DOE (Design Of Experiments) required for digital validation along with the capturing, tracking, summary and presentation of findings and recommendation for path forward.

Daily Duties:

  • Pre-processing set-up and processing for forming analysis of KTH parts.
  • Coordinate with manufacturing experts for process definitions.
  • Review of simulation results with manufacturing process group and GE group.
  • Establishing material files for input to simulations.
  • Generating VA/VE (Value Added / Value Engineered) models to improve performance.
  • Developing process flows for material validation.
  • Effective management of projects.
  • Coordination and window activity with resource partners for outsource activities.
  • Analyzing data from experiments, and organizing in a format to use in simulations.
  • Support other department’s testing through the digital validation process.


  • Minimum bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, or materials science. Masters preferred.
  • Willingness to take continual education classes in the area of materials and related fields as needed.
  • Must have computer experience with Microsoft Word, Excel  PowerPoint, and Project.
  • Ability to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) based forming  simulation softwares; AutoForm a plus; AutoCAD and/or CATIA would be a plus; exposure to DOE softwares (Minitab, JMP, etc.)
  • Ability to travel to other KTH plants, customer and vendor sites as necessary;
  • Required to work overtime, weekends, odd shifts and shutdown periods in accordance with project schedules.
  • Support KTH Engineering Tooling simulation as needed for model development prove out.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information.

General Tasks (Not  limited to):

  • Establishing models for analysis including pre-processing (parameter identification, geometry modifications, meshing) and post-processing (review results, develop C/M to improve results) of the parts based on Process definitions specified.
  • Develop test processes to gather material properties required for establishing simulation material files and proposing judgement criteria for different materials.
  • Identify resources to conduct testing for getting required material properties.
  • Window activities with resource partners for coordination of outsource testing.
  • Generation of reports, tabulations and data correlation with physical testing.
  • Read and manipulate part/ assembly data, modify existing part data and create part data from scratch.
  • Understand part’s function and performance requirements, identify concern items, and propose VA/ VE ideas to improve performance.
  • Running forming simulations on proposed design shapes and provide feedback on feasibility of the part shape as requested by Guest Engineers Group, Manufacturing Process Group, customer(s), etc.
  • Project management of schedules, resources, budgets, activities and tracking.
  • Review software and equipment needs and provide specifications.
  • Identify alternative materials and processes for potential research themes.
  • Travel:
    • Periodic Technical EXPOs, training and Conventions for trend analysis.
    • Correlation with Mother Company (H-one R&D Center).
    • Periodic visits to outside test facilities for testing, validation and feed forward items.

KTH Parts Industries, Inc. offers a very attractive benefit package, competitive salary and a team oriented engineering and manufacturing environment. Qualified candidates should submit your resume, including your mailing address, in Word or PDF format. KTH is an Equal Opportunity Employer.